Join Coast of Maine House in welcoming seacoast based yoga teacher Kacy Harnedy and Maine based Naturopathic Doctor Bob Scott on this weekend journey to optimal women’s wellness. Dr. Scott will guide us through a four part lecture/discussion series on navigating the change of perimenopause and menopause. Kacy will be leading morning and evening guided meditation and Yin/Yang yoga to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual body. We’ll tap into energy centers to release built up blockages and invite vital life force energy.

If you're looking for a local retreat to help you navigate hormonal changes this is for you. This retreat is intimate and small in size to allow for adequate attention and love.

 A few topics to look forward to:

What is the change?

  • Hormones 101:

  • What the heck is going on with me?

  • Are you estrogen dominate?

  • How stress impacts your hormone balance, and what to do about it!

  • Your adrenals to the rescue (maybe!)....how healthy are they?

Detox for the change

  • Why liver function is so important to hormone balance and feeling good?

  • Is your liver helping or hurting

  • Did you know about 65% of what touches your skin gets absorbed into your body?

  • Are your personal care products, make-up choices, and food impacting your hormone health and overall well-being?

  • Is a detox right for me?


  • Diet is THE most important factor in balancing hormones and in overall health!

  • Are you treating your body like a temple or a tent?

  • Interested in some healthy dietary hacks for hormonal success?

  • Is a healthy "green" keto diet right for you and your hormones?

  • Smoothies - friend or foe?

    Herbs and supplements: Not all supplements are created equal!

  • Confused about what works and doesn't work when it comes to supplements and herbs?

  • Heck, do I even need supplements and herbs?

  • Which supplements and herbs are right for me?

  • The importance of developing a meditation practice to calmly navigate a challenging time

  • Get answers to your specific questions on-site during a Q&A session after each talk

Also, Everyone will receive:

  • 10 Day Hormone Kick-Start Diet Plan

    • 10 day "green" keto diet plan to kick start the liver and help to balance hormones

    • Shopping list

    • Quick meal ideas for busy days

    • The Happy Hormone Smoothie Guide

    • How to build a better smoothie for hormone and overall health


 A sample outline of our time together:

  • Daily yoga & guided meditation

  • Chakra balancing

  • Morning light hike (weather permitting)

  • Beautifully crafted meals catered to help nurture our hormonal system PLUS a cooking class!

  • On-site guest sharing and discussion group

  • Massage (additional fee)

  • The gorgeous Coast of Maine House!

  • Private consult with Dr. Scott available at an additional charge

Also included: A take home recipe pamphlet with all on-site meals we will enjoy and special smoothie recipes utilizing super foods geared towards hormonal health.

It’s never too early or late in life to learn these practical habits, so all ages are welcome!

The Venue

The Coast of Maine House is located in Maine’s southern Coast, close to 95 and Route 1. Our luxury property/main building is a classic 1856 ships captains brick mansion and is 5,000 square feet spread over three floors featuring 10 premium bedrooms (26 beds) and 5 bathrooms. The Cathedral ceiling yoga studio can fit 28 mats and comes inclusive with props and mats. There is an Indoor dining room for 24 people as well as an outdoor dining area that seats 34 people! If it’s warm enough, enjoy the beautiful wrap around porch and inground pool! The second floor living room provides extra comfort alongside multiple fireplaces for our chilly New England evenings.


Please make sure that you have all necessary insurances in place before the trip (including but not limited to travelers insurance, health insurance etc). All yoga, mindfulness sessions and travelling are done at your own risk and we are free from all liability.


Two nights from $850 based on occupancy and room selection

(Rooms are set-up to be triples but we can make double or single)

Triple share: $850

Double share: $975

Single room: $1,200

Are you looking for an extra night of relaxation and decompression? You can arrive a day early (Thursday April 30th) and enjoy stay plus meals for an additional $150

$300 deposit at sign-up, final balances due February 29th, 2020

**Meals, all lectures/classes included. Parking overnight is included, we do recommend ride sharing.

Please make sure you have a bank account linked to Paypal for payments to avoid fees


Contact kacyharnedy@hotmail.com for more information!

*All payments are non-refundable*