“I count myself lucky to call her my teacher"

Before attending Kacy Harnedy’s class, going to yoga was simply done for the sole purpose of stretching my body to help in the healing of old injuries, it was structural, almost mechanical, that’s it, that’s all. 
That all changed after my first class with Kacy, she did things differently, she transported me back in time to my visits to the country of India where I experienced that beautiful Indian spirit; to be human, a combination of multiple shades of grey and white, always ready for jugad. Kacy gives you faith in the liberating power of being vulnerable and open to change.
Kacy is deeply knowledgeable and clearly very experienced in gauging what your mind and ultimately body needs. I’ve often thought that every Indian was a philosopher of the human experience. Well I believe the same of Kacy. Her structured & mindful sequences, serenaded with her highly articulate & knowledgeable voice reminds me that i can only truly heal my physical body/structure if I accept to look deeper within my heart & mind." 

- Frank C.



“You can feel the softness, love and patience"

Kacy is a wonderful and inspiring yoga teacher.  Her classes bring awareness to all three aspects of our experience; mind, body and soul, leaving us empowered, refreshed and zen after each class. She brings accommodations in her classes, for all levels- brand new students and seasoned yogis, making everyone feel welcomed and at ease. Once in class you can feel the softness, love and patience she has for all us, still her classes are very focused and we get a great workout! I personally love the variety and balance she brings to all of her classes and styles of yoga she teaches. I recommend to take her classes 100%."

- Jessica P.



"Keep being you, Kacy. You're an inspiration to so many, especially me"

Kacy is one of my favorite Yoga instructors. Her kind spirit resonates in the tone of her soft, gentle voice as she teaches us. At the beginning of class she has us focus on what's really important in our lives and to try to maintain that focus in practice and beyond. I love how she gently moves around the class, stopping to do the poses with us. I always get a great workout and feel so amazing after class, physically and spiritually.

- Linda L.



"Kacy has such a genuine ease about her and a spirit that you are drawn to"

Being a type A person who always scoffed at thinking I would enjoy yoga, I was drawn to it as it was being held at Salisbury Beach. I figured what could be bad, sun and sand and water makes every thing a little easier.  What I wasn't expecting was how much I enjoyed my class with Kacy.
The hour flew by, I felt physically great and found myself coming back the following week and then the week after that.  
Kacy has such a genuine ease about her and a spirit that you are drawn to. She allows you to go at your pace but doesn't make it easy. She also taught me how to breath which allowed me to just be quiet with myself, which helped me to be in the moment. This has created a sense of gratefulness I carry with me now.
I look forward to her classes for both the physical benefit but also spiritually which coming from a previously non-yogi is pretty great.

- Lisa N.



"Dictionary definition"

If you looked up "Yoga Teacher" in the dictionary, Kacy's picture would be there. Her ability to teach all levels while advancing your practice is amazing.

- Chris H.



"Simple, down to earth way"

Have you ever thought of trying Yoga but felt that you might embarrass yourself in front of others?  I did, so I never tried Yoga until I met “Kacy Harnedy” who offers private Yoga classes.  I found the courage to schedule a class and I am now hooked on Yoga!  Her mastery and understanding of the art of Yoga allows her to clearly direct my awareness so that I now appreciate the purpose of each move and I have a stronger connection with my body.  In a private class, she can gauge your ability and quickly create a session suited directly for you.  You can’t get this in a large group format.  She has the ability to be very precise and technical, but she comes across in such a simple, down to earth way!  

- Mark S.

“I fully understand the meaning of the Body-Mind-Soul connection that is the essence of yoga”

Kacy’s teaching of yoga is organic and her ability to project her in-depth knowledge and her enthusiasm to her students is unparalleled. Although, I have been practicing yoga for over a decade, only since taking Kacy’s classes do I fully understand the meaning of the Body-Mind-Soul connection that is the essence of yoga. 
I was fortunate to participate recently in one of Kacy‘s very well organized yoga retreats. Practicing yoga, surrounded by the beauty of Costa Rica‘s nature, taught me to let go of all that is trivial, live in the moment, and just be.
My gratitude goes to Kacy who inspired me to join her and a group of incredibly kind and compassionate women. I returned enriched,refocused and with a strong desire to keep yoga a part of my daily life.

- Christa V.

“I felt an unbelievable sense of ease with you and your knowledge is inspiring”

I feel amazing and honestly I cannot begin to explain how thankful I am that I actually got out of my comfort zone and reached out. I felt an unbelievable sense of ease with you and your knowledge is inspiring. I left the first class feeling so different within myself than I have in years. I felt a calmness and peace that I have not felt in a long time. Yesterday I felt a bit emotional when I left, still feeling at peace but definitely emotional and I am not used to that. At first I thought “ oh my gosh am I sad because I’m done with her class ?” or is this emotion coming up from the two classes? Your spirit is so kind and soft you have a presence of safeness. I definitely will continue with practicing and cannot thank you enough. I will for sure be seeing you again soon. ❤️

-J. L.

“Kacy is a wealth of knowledge and delivers her information with such ease and confidence”

My relationship with yoga shifted after going to a retreat of Kacy and with medium Joceyln to House Island. I always practiced yoga as I knew it made me feel good getting a good stretch and sweat plus a level of chill afterwards. With Kacy’s Yin Yoga session, I was able to connect with my practice on a deeper level and higher understanding of why I was doing the poses I was doing. Kacy is a wealth of knowledge and delivers her information with such ease and confidence that it’s clear it is her passion to share. Sure yoga makes for a good butt, but I now see it as an integral part of my life and spirit.

-Maryann G of Kingston, Ma